Steady Pressure Jun Ken Po


Why Do We Fish?


To those of us that know, the answer is obvious. We are called to it. It’s a lifelong passion that goes back as far as we can remember.

There is something deep and primal about the pursuit of game fish. It’s an honest and real connection to something from a time long past.

The smell of the diesel motors warming up in the predawn calmness of the harbor, the sound of the ice bags hitting the cooler. This is a ritual that will always evoke excitement and anticipation of what the day may bring.

We plot our strategy around the weather, the moon, the time of year, compiling data gathered over decades of fishing in our local waters.

If luck and preparations come together, we will hear our reels scream and feel that rush that happens every single time we hook into a fish.

If the battle goes well, we will feel that elation that only comes when we see our quarry shining brilliantly on the deck. Steady Pressure is what it takes to land these magnificent beasts.

We fish because it’s in our blood and we can’t deny the call.

Come and join us at Steady Pressure Sportfishing and share our passion and love for the pursuit.

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